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Architect | Futurist | Healthy City Expert

How can we design and build cities that make us healthier and happier?
How can technology help us achieve this?

Those are the questions that drive me. It's what keeps me up at night.

It's my challenge for you.


Chronic illnesses keep rising so what are we missing? Why are our efforts of awareness and prevention not working? 

Over 70% of what impacts our health & wellbeing is influenced by the environment we live, work and play in. Our personal wellbeing is a complex interaction between body, behavior and social context, and our environment. When we want to improve our health & wellbeing, we need to take a look at the environments we operate in.


A smart healthy city prioritizes space for people and nature. It uses technology to create that space and to improve the quality of life for everyone. For every decision made in a city, we should ask ourselves:

"How will this influence the wellbeing of people living, working and playing here?"

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Looking to inspire your audience on any of these topics?

  • How is the city we live, work and play in impacting our health & wellbeing?

  • What might a healthy city look like and how do we get there?

  • Quality of life, the true WHY of smart cities.

  • How can emerging technologies like 3D printing, AR, autonomous driving, etc. contribute to a healthy city?

  • How do we leverage sustainability and climate change to create a healthy city?

"What a revolutionary idea! Thank you for bringing such modern topics to light. A great presentation and definitely the best futurist that I have heard speak."

TEDx StMaryCSSchool

"What a wonderful presentation. I don't even plan to have children and I'm inspired! I loved closing my eyes and imagining my perfect healthy city."

Earth Day event - Redwing Institute


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Marianne is an architect, futurist, and healthy city design expert. She has over 10 years of experience in climate mitigation and sustainable city design in Europe and North-America. After an interesting career as a structural engineer, renewable energy consultant, and futurist, she returned to her first love of city design.

As a co-founder and managing partner at Healthy City Global, she is currently transforming cities around the globe into healthy environments and communities.

Marianne is an experienced and inspiring speaker. She's talked to everyone from small intimate groups to 1000+ audiences. 

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